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Worried about job, love and relationships……I’ve been receiving messages from spirit world since the age of 5, I can help you. Spirit Minded

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Our Offerings

Aura Readings

Life is filled with colors and an individual's Aura Readings are often defined by these colors. an individual's aura is claimed to be a field of energy that they provide off. Some people believe that everything has an Aura Readings or is surrounded by a field of its own energy. An Aura is said with the energy transferred from one person to a different once they are around you , it's defined by the sensations in physical body , physical touch, emotions etc.

Crystal Readings

Crystal readings are the same as other types of readings, like Tarot. You chooses 3 gemstones from my bag of stones by feeling for an energy reference to the stone.
(If you decide on a Crystal Reading by phone, i'll choose 3 stones for you)
I begin to target the crystal’s energy and it’s specific meaning. i'll share information on how that energy can help in your way of life.

Rune Casting

Casting. it's still unknown if the runes were first developed for the utilization of an article system or for the utilization of divination (or casting lots). Either way, within the past, the runes were used for casting, we even see evidence of that in mythology and sagas.